Test Out that Engineering Brain of Yours

Graduating with an engineering degree is great, but the first thing you will learn is that the theory doesn’t always translate to reality. You will realize that all those assumptions you made during your calculations aren’t quite true. You will find out how necessary it is to account for tolerances, because parts don’t just fit together perfectly. And just because you can create a 3D model does not mean the part can be fabricated. Obviously, we all have a lot to learn while we’re still here at NMSU and even after we graduate. Why don’t you gain some more of that hands-on experience and test your engineering abilities sooner rather than later?

The Student Project Center is a great place to learn how the manufacturing process works, and also how integral understanding manufacturing is to your design process. We are here to teach you, and let you be curious about how things work (and sometimes don’t…). What is something you have always wondered about or wanted to create? Have an idea ready to go but not quite sure if you can make it? Are you stuck in your design process and just need someone to bounce ideas off of? Pop over to the Student Project Center for a chat.

If you are ready to go and just need some quick tips on a machining process, we can help too. We want to make sure you can produce your parts with the least amount of material (and time) waste, all while making sure you stay safe.

Remember, if you don’t ask questions or try something you have never tried before, you will never learn anything new.