General Safety Awareness

Safety is our number one priority at the Student Project Center. If you are ever in doubt on what safety precautions you should take or how to safely operate any of the machinery please NEVER hesitate to ask us.

Below are a few of the general precautions that we expect you to follow while you are using equipment within the Student Project Center. These are here to keep you safe, not to be a nuisance – please help us to keep everyone around you safe too.

  • Familiarize yourself with the emergency stop buttons
  • Always wear safety glasses
  • No loose clothing, jewelry, gloves
  • Tie up loose hair
  • Always wear closed toe shoes
  • Make sure working space is dry and clean
  • Keep hands clear of moving parts
  • Wear ear protection when working for extended periods
  • Ensure that there is a Student Project Center staff member present at all times
  • Do not bring any form of chemical (paints, glue, sealants, etc.) into the Student Project Center without the SDS and prior approval from staff
  • Keep your workspace clean! Please clean up after you are finished.
  • ASK if you have ANY questions! We are here to help you and keep you safe!

The safety concerns do change with each machine so we are happy to review any of the hazards and what you should be paying attention to when you are operating any of the machines within the Student Project Center.

Safety Documentation


Safety Training Sheets
Lathe lathe-safety-sheet
Mill mill-safety-sheet
Drill Press drill-press-safety-sheet
TIG Welder tig-safety-sheet
H. Bandsaw horizontal-band-saw-safety-sheet
V. Bandsaw vertical-band-saw-safety-sheet
Brake sheet-metal-brake-safety-sheet
Shear shear-safety-sheet
Grinder grinder-safety-sheet
Sander sander-safety-sheet
Cold Cut Saw cold-cut-safety-sheet